Golden Doodle Christmas Puppy Session

I recently had the opportunity to photograph these 1 week old Golden Doodle puppies. A client of mine contacted me asking me if I had any interest in photographing the Golden Doodle puppies their family dog just had. My answer? YOU BETCHA!

They had literally just been born the day before they contacted me. At the time they contacted me I was in full blown Christmas session mode. My studio was already all set up for Christmas sessions and I got the most adorable idea! One of my Christmas sets was my Christmas Bedroom set. I mean, how cute would it be to have a puppy pile of Golden Doodle pups snuggled up on a warm cozy Christmas themed bed set?

We had the session scheduled for when the puppies were at least 1 week old. Let me tell you, I thought for sure it would be a cake walk because they were not yet opening their eyes, walking or holding up their heads. But did you know, at 1 week old, they can wiggle around like a little worm? It's the cutest thing. They squeaked, and squealed for one another, inching their way closer to one another and up on top of each other just to keep the warmth. And I even had my studio temperature about 80 degrees. Just like newborn babies, the warmer the temperature, the more comfortable they will be.

After the puppy pile bed set images were done, I moved them other to my other Christmas set up, which was some faux snow and a heart bowl. I loved how these came out! So Christmassy and cute! I of course also needed to wrap a pup or two up just like I would a newborn baby, which had me and my saying "awwww" every two seconds!

The pups are just about 8 weeks old now, and I've already had them back to the studio a few weeks after their newborn shoot to get some individual pup portraits of them. I'll share that in another blog, but for now without further ado, please enjoy these beautiful newborn golden doodle pup portraits! <3