Goodbye 2020!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Boy does it feel good to see 2020 go. What a year that was. If you told me a year ago 2020 was going to be what it was, I never would have believed you. The year 2020 actually started out really good, at least for me. I was excited for all the amazing family trips we had planned, but I was also so excited for my photography business because of all that I had envisioned. And then the pandemic hit us, and it hit us hard. Things began to shut down. Our family trips were canceled, and then came the news that businesses in New York State would have to shut down as well. That was a long and hard couple of months that so many of us had a hard time with. But I will say, when things began to open back up, my family and I did the best we could to make the memories we needed. I also had to put as much into my photography business as I could. More so now than ever. I'm proud to say I was able to make it work the best I could, even with all the guidelines in place. I kept health and safety a priority and I was still able to capture so many memories for my clients. I think the year 2020 made us aware even more now how valuable our time here on earth is, and in reality I was actually busier in 2020 than I had been in previous years. I like to believe that families believed even more in the importance and attachment to a photograph than before.

Waverly, New York Portrait Photographer

2021 Is Our year!

I have so much that I want to accomplish in 2021, not only with my business, but within my personal life. What better way to start the new year than with a fresh look and a fresh plan! If you haven't had a chance to just sit down and think of all the goals you want to accomplish in 2021, I encourage you to do so. Being able to sit, reflect and think of what you want out of your life, and then write them down so you can physically see them written out is a very powerful and inspiring thing! It's a great start to accomplishing those goals you set out for yourself, your family and even your business if you're a business owner.

One of my personal family goals is to travel more. To get out and do more as a family and create even more memories and also to document those events! Even if it's taking small weekend trips skiing, or camping, or just trying somewhere new. The year 2020 pushed us out of our comfort zone in some ways and made us realize trying something new or "different" isn't always a bad thing. In all honesty, we tried some new adventures that we wouldn't have normally thought we'd enjoy, but it all turned out to be a lot of fun. I want to do more of that as a family because those adventures are priceless and will be with us for a lifetime.

What are some family goals you have in mind for 2021?

Waverly, New York Portrait Photographer

Photography Goals

I can honestly say that one of my biggest photography goals, and this isn't necessarily a new goal, is to deliver my clients an enjoyable session experience from start to finish. I've always strived to provide a fun, relaxed, and enjoyable experience for all of my clients that choose me as their professional portrait artist. I'm so honored that my clients have trusted me with their families and their photographs.

A big goal in 2021 that I have is to get more artwork into the hands of my clients. I want you to think about where you see your photographs in 5, 10, 15...20 years? Digitals are great in the sense that you can easily share them online through social media platforms or send them through email and text to friends and family. However, a worry I have with digital files is that technology can fail, and that's kind of scary to me. What happens when that computer crashes and you lose all of your images that you have stored on your computer that you didn't have time to back up elsewhere? What if that SD card, flash drive, or disc malfunctions or breaks and you didn't have time to get any of those images printed? I hear that a lot as a photographer, "I haven't had a chance yet to print out my images". I get it, trust me I do! Life is busy and before we know it time has slipped through our fingers. I don't ever want this to happen to my clients. You can't touch a digital image like you can hold onto a beautiful print. Every single time I order a professional piece of artwork for my clients whether it's a large professional print, or a professional photo album, I'm amazed time and time again. The thought that my clients get to instantly display their artwork proudly in their homes makes me so happy for them. Of course having that digital file is great, but if anything ever happened to that file, you at least have the tangible item in the form of an actual professional print in your possession.

Professional photography is a luxury service. It's also an investment, but one of those investments you won't regret. When you hire a professional photographer, you're not just hiring anyone. You're hiring someone you hopefully have researched and are willing to put your trust into. Not only are you investing in a professional photographer, but that professional is investing in you, too. We're investing our time and talent into creating something beautiful that we can deliver to you, your family and your home. It's my goal to deliver an overall experience for all of my clients, from that initial consultation to the session, and lastly to the delivery of your amazing artwork.

Waverly, New York Portrait Photographer

What to Expect from Everlasting Impressions Photography in 2021

When you contact Everlasting Impressions Photography, you can expect professionalism every step of the way. When you reach out looking to book a session, I will respond with enthusiasm because I'm so happy that you have given my photography the thought and opportunity of capturing a session for you.

| All sessions will require a session fee in order to book a session with me. Session fees do not include digital or product. Digitals and products are sold separately. Sessions such as newborn sessions are not hard booked until I am notified that the baby has arrived. A session fee guarantees your session with me, and the newborn session is planned once the baby has arrived. All other sessions will be booked once your session fee has been paid, as long as I have availability in my schedule for your desired session. It's important that you contact me as soon as you know what type of session you would like to book, and when you would like the session to take place. I do have limited Summer weekend availability, so it's important to plan your session date with me several months in advance.

| All of my clients have the ability to use any of my studio wardrobe for their sessions. All session are carefully thought out and planned from styling guidance, to colors and props, as well as locations if not a studio session, for the most individualized sessions I can offer for my clients. A session doesn't start and end at the session. My clients have the reassurance that I am carefully planning out their sessions after the initial session consolation. I'm carefully searching, gathering and designing custom sets and locations for my clients before their session. I will spend our time together during the session treating all clients with care, respect, and gentleness. It's very important to me that my clients feel comfortable and cared for during their time with me. I am professionally trained in safety, especially newborn safety, so my newborn session clients can take ease in knowing their most delicate family members are in safe hands.

| After your session, you can expect that over the course of 2 weeks, I will be spending many hours preparing to deliver you your amazing portraits. I am a professional portrait artist, and a good percentage of the work I do is done in editing. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I will go over every fine detail of every portrait that will be delivered to you for viewing. This is part of the type of artwork I create. :)

| All sessions in 2021 will have a reveal/ordering appointment around 2-2.5 weeks after your session. Those videos you may have seen me posted in 2020 where you get to watch the clients reactions to their session for the very first time, is what a reveal looks like. When you come back to your reveal/ordering appointment, you'll be revealed to your fully edited gallery of images for the very first time since your session took place. This is seriously one of my FAVORITE parts. Getting to see my clients reactions to their galleries, professionally printed out right in front of them, is one of the most exciting and emotional things to get to be apart of. It really is always so emotional and I can't deny that it's very rewarding! <3

| Ordering appointments will have the option of digital only packages or my create a collection package. My create a collection package allows my clients to have both digital files as well as professional artwork products. The create a collection package is the best of both worlds, and is the package my clients purchase most. As mentioned above, session fees only reserve your session with me and do not include digitals or product. Digitals and product are purchased separately at your ordering appointment, and you only purchase what you love! You'll be able to see and touch the different types of artwork products that I have to offer at your ordering appointment, and you'll even be able to leave with amazing artwork in hand the day of your ordering appointment! My clients always love being able to walk away from their ordering appointment with product in hand and ready to display in their homes!

Waverly, New York Portrait Photographer

Let's Get 2021 Started!

I am SO excited to get 2021 started! I'm looking forward to photographing returning clients, and thrilled to get to meet and photograph new future clients. If you're ready to invest in an amazing experience, let me help make that happen for you. I'm looking forward to 2021 and I'm ready to take it on with a positive outlook, and a new refreshing energy. I think we could all use some positivity after 2020 and I just know 2021 will deliver for us all! I wish you all a beautiful and happy New Year!

XOXO- Cassie

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