Photographing expecting mamas is one of my favorite kind of sessions to photograph. Something about a mother growing life inside her body and being able to document this amazing phase in her life is so beautiful and so empowering.

This beautiful mama to be contacted me with a vision of being photographed outside in January, specifically outside in the snow. Being from Upstate New York, our weather can be quite unpredictable, but we decided we would play it by ear the best we could and hope that mother nature delivers us some snowfall in January. Turns out, mother nature dumped over 3 feet of snow on us in December. It was certainly more than enough snow needed to make her session come to life. However, photographing in 3 feet of snow is not necessarily ideal, considering walking through 3 feet of snow anywhere we found a good location would pose as quite a challenge. So we decided to hold off a few weeks in hopes of letting the snow melt down some. Thankfully, my client was earlier in her pregnancy that I typically hold my maternity sessions, so we had some wiggle room, which was great for us and what we wanted.

After a few weeks, the snow melted down to a manageable size and it was go time! Upon looking at the future weather forecast, it looked as though the day we planned to hold the shoot, it was going to snow! Boy was mother nature really giving us what we wanted/needed! I had planned to photograph my client and her husband at a local blueberry farm called, Blueberry Mountain Farm in Sayre, PA and it was the most magical looking location for her snowy portraits. Because snow was in the forecast for that day, we didn't realize it would be actively snowing for her session. It snowed the entire time! The snowfall throughout the whole session really made her snowy portraits that much more dreamy and magical! Not only was the snow beautiful, but my client was radiant in her gold sequins gown for the first part of her session. Check out how beautiful she looks and how loving she and her husband are together. You can really see the love and excitement they have in anticipation of their sweet baby.

Binghamton New York Maternity Photographer

After we captured these amazing portraits for her and her husband at this location, she changed into her second outfit and we headed to our next location at the blueberry bushes. For most of my maternity clients, I offer my clients to wear one of the beautiful maternity gowns I have available for client use in my studio closet. It's one of the perks when booking me as your maternity photographer, however my client chose to bring and wear two of her own gowns. Her next gown was a beautiful red flowy gown that just popped out at our next location in the snow. I took her and her husband over to the blueberry lanes because the bushes have this beautiful reddish hue to the tops of them when they're not in season. With her red gown, it was going to look so amazing! I couldn't be more thrilled with how it all came together. The snow did not let up and at times grew heavy, but my client and her husband were great through it all! They really embraced the beauty of it all and I'm so glad they trusted me to be able to photograph these beautiful moments for them as a growing family. They were an absolute joy to work with and I can not wait to meet their sweet baby very soon! <3

Binghamton New York Maternity Photographer

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